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Picture this.  After dreaming about it and saving for it, you are finally on your dream vacation!  Maybe you’re on Easter Island – a tiny island about 2,000 miles west of the Chilean Coast.  As you look around at the gigantic rock sculptures (known as Moai) and try to decide what to do first, you trip over a rock.  Without even having to look, you realize you’ve just landed hard enough on your arm to need medical help.   Or, maybe your dream vacation takes you to Paris, where – after an incredible day of touring the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame – you find a cute café to enjoy a marvelous French meal.  A few hours later, you find yourself hoping your French is good enough to direct you through the “City of Lights” to the nearest hospital because you almost certainly suspect food poisoning!   Or, perhaps you’ve sent your son or daughter to live their dream of a semester studying abroad.  The phone rings and you find yourself wondering how many times you’d warned him/her to be careful as you hear him/her say, “My wallet and passport have been stolen!”

Okay.  While the chance any of these stories would make it into a travel brochure is slight, the chance something actually could go wrong and disrupt your carefully-planned trip is a little higher.  So, what can you do to prevent misfortune while traveling?  Well, there really is no sure way to prevent unfortunate occurrences.  But, that doesn’t mean you just should sit at home – you can safeguard yourself.  Travel insurance can offer an array of benefits to help you do just that!  Here are just 7 of the many benefits travel insurance can offer (dependent on your policy):

  1. Monetary reimbursement for medical expenses incurred because of accidents and illnesses
  2. Compensation for medical evacuation/repatriation
  3. 24 hour Medical Assistance Service
  4. 24 hour General Assistance Service
  5. Compensation for trip interruption ,cancellation, or missed connection 
  6. Compensation for lost luggage
  7. Medical insurance for students studying abroad

It is important to remember policies vary.  Be sure you are getting the coverage you want and need.  To determine which coverage is right for you, visit .

Thanks to the conveniences of air travel and current technology, the world has become more accessible than ever before.  Whether you are travelling at home or abroad, don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!

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