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A Quiet Sunday Morning

It’s a quiet Sunday morning and I am leafing through a JC Penney circular and come across this

What in the World?!?!?!?

I have seen this funny symbol a lot lately and wondered what it is. I find it in newspapers, magazines, websites, in restaurant windows and once someone even gave me his business card with the symbol on the back. What is it and more importantly how can it be useful to me?

QR technology was created in Japan in 1994 intended to permit code to be decoded at high speed. At first it was used to track vehicle manufacturing but, as always seems to be the case with technology, other uses have been discovered. Mobile phones with cameras and smartphones are able to use this technology to scan coupons, websites, vcards and much more.

Take for example the JC Penney ad~ JC Penney is using QR codes for coupons. You can scan the coupon into your phone and use it at the checkout in any JC Penney store. If you are anything like me, no longer will you have to say “ah, I left my coupon at home”.

Great, very interesting BUT is this a passing fancy or technology to stay? While, it’s too early to tell, there does seem to be a trend beginning. I wonder how it can be useful to our Insurance Agency. Hmmmmm….

qrcode (just in case you don’t have a QR scanner handy!)

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