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6 Benefits of An Independent Insurance Agency


The other day Jim said, “I feel like David.”  Huh?!?  “Okay, I’ll bite,” I thought.  So, I asked, “David who?”  “You know…the guy who was up against the giant in the Bible.  Only, instead of a giant, I am up against a lizard and prehistoric characters.”  Ah, now I was starting to get the idea – large insurance companies and their clever marketing campaigns.

I can understand how it may feel overwhelming for a small business to stay ahead of the curve, or even just keep up with it, with rapid technological changes in business and marketing strategies.  Internet presence and social media forums certainly are formidable foes for the traditional phone book.  But, while those large insurance companies may provide amusing advertisements to a wide audience, do they provide you with the best-fitting products?

YMI is an independent insurance agency – a fact we are very proud of!  It is also a fact that there are tremendous benefits to buying your insurance through an independent agent.  Some people may tend to overlook that fact when shopping for insurance, but these key benefits are worth looking at!

  1. An independent insurance agency represents several insurance companies, giving them the flexibility to determine the best coverage for the best price to customize an insurance program for your needs.  YMI represents 10 different carriers.
  2. An independent insurance agency offers one-stop shopping, availing a large variety of products and coverages (from homeowner’s to life)…and the agency does the shopping for you!
  3. We provide excellent customer service!  We have real people with whom you can establish a personal relationship – so you can trust we are looking out for your best interests.
  4. We will review your policies periodically to ensure you are still getting the best coverage in the future.
  5. We will help walk you through a claim.
  6. Like most independent insurance agencies, we have well-established community ties.

YMI knows it is important to stay current with business marketing strategies and we will do what we can, but why fight the giant, David?  What is most important is that Yutz Merkle Insurance Agency will continue to do what it does best – Bringing choice and service to the customer!

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