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I am Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day! All over the United States, people are discussing for what they are thankful. We will do that (much to the chagrin of my brothers) at our house, too. The list, I think, is typical. We are thankful for our children, our parents, friends, loved ones and our health. I always add an additional one. I am thankful for Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday!

Every other holiday finds my family on the road heading to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers, but at Thanksgiving, family comes to us. Our boys play in the annual Alumni Soccer Game at Notre Dame High School~ odd graduation years against even one, making me also thankful for graduation 05 and 07!! They get to see old friends and reconnect. There is no rush, no presents to wrap and exchange, no “church clothes” No “hurry up, we’re going to be lates”. Just food, conversation, wine and beer. Oh yea and an annual game. We usually play the kids against the adults, even though the kids are now adults. Come friday, I will start to think about decorating, shopping and baking for Christmas. I will be sure to gas up the car in anticipation but, for now, I will just be thankful for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving

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