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More Tips From Our Agents!

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If you have an accident and your car is not drive-able or in the repair shop for a few days how will get to work or get your children to school?  If you will need a rental car, you can add this coverage to your policy for as little as $8 a year!  Check your policies to see if you have rental car (transportation expense) coverage.  Don’t be caught by surprise after an accident! 

When an insured temporarily drops liability insurance on a seasonal or inoperable vehicle but fails to surrender the tag to PennDOT, he or she could be in for a shock. Pennsylvania law deprives an individual of first-party benefits if he or she owns a vehicle that is registered and does not carry financial responsibility — even if that person is injured in another vehicle that is properly insured. 


Getting quick settlement of a claim is important.  Has the loan on your car or mortgage on your home been paid off or financing company changed?  If so and your policy hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes, the claims payment process can grind to a halt.  A lender or mortgage company that is listed on your policy must be listed on any claims checks.  If the wrong information is on your policy it can take time to resolve the issue with the lender and have the claim check re-issued.  Unfortunately this happens too often.  Please take a moment to review the lenders on your policy and call us with any changes.   


When purchasing a new vehicle, do not assume the “dealer” will call to make your change.  While you have temporary coverage for the new car you purchased it is very limited.  Car dealers are supposed to contact us with the information but occasionally fail to.  This can result in a loss of coverage for you.  Due to the privacy act, we need to speak to you directly to make any changes to your policy.  This confirmation between you, us and the dealer is the best way to insure all the information is correct and that you are properly protected.

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