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New Year ~ New Face

By January 7, 2011Insurance

“Your website is just a brochure”! “I can’t find what I am looking for on your site”!  “There is nothing functional about your website”! “Your website looks out dated”! “You need to be on Facebook”! “You need to have a blog”! 

We had been hearing comments like these for a while. And that is just from our two sons!!  At 22 and 23 our boys represent a generation which hasn’t experienced life without a computer.  Having grown up with it, they embrace the ever-changing world of technology.  Texting, tweeting, and blogging are as natural to them as sleeping, eating and breathing. 

On the other hand, I am part of a generation who grew up with transistor radios, black and white TV and typewriters. We bought our first personal computer in 1985 when I was already well into my…well, I was an adult! Our website was functional 14 years ago when we started to use the internet to promote YMI.  Apparently 3 internet  months is equal to one year so 14 internet years are  like 42 people years!

Were they right?  Was it time to bring YMI into the 21st century?

 We did a little research.  Ok, we did A LOT of research because the internet is loaded with all kinds of information. We attended seminars, listened to what the industry was saying, spent some time reviewing all we learned and determined:

  1. Technology has changed the way the world does business.
  2. Technology is rapidly changing.
  3. Clients want us available when it’s convenient for them.
  4. Clients want a website that is functional not necessarily pretty.
  5. Clients want a website that is easy to navigate.
  6. And they want it in real time; their real time, NOT ours.

 Maybe the boys had a point; maybe we aren’t using the internet to its fullest potential.

 Okay, Jimi and John, we heard! We listened! We took your advice and acted! Check out the new face of Yutz Merkle Insurance Agency.   We are interested in any comments, questions or concerns.


Doris Honochick

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